After the untimely death of my friend Alex Clow, I found myself looking at my life and realising, as so many others do and I already had, how much of my life is spent at work, more than with my family.

So this project looks at some of the people that have become a part of my life. This can be whether I have work with them on a day-to-day basis or if we’ve only had a brief encounter.


work/life - i. Fernanda

work/life - ii. Charlie

work/life - iv. Harriet

work/life - v. Max

work/life - vi. Rebecca

work/life - vii. Anna

work/life - viii. Jade

work/life - ix. John

work/life - x. Erin

work/life - xi. Lilly

work/life - xii. Mirella

work/life - xiii. Orianne

work/life - xiv. Sophie

work/life - xv. Catherine

work/life - xvii. Anna

work/life - xviii. Hannah

work/life - xix. Nicci

work/life - xx. Tegan (+ Alba)

work/life - xxi. Tom

work/life - xxii. Clare

work/life - xxiii. Isabelle

work/life - xvi. Jenny

work/life - xxiv. Margaux

work/life - xxv. Irena

work/life - xxvi. Tania

work/life - xxvii. Catheryne

work/life - xxviii. Moira

work/life - xxix. Andrea

work/life - xxx. Bea

work/life - xxxi. Juliane

work/life - xxxii. Elisabeth

work/life - xxxiii. Sheefun

work/life - xxxiv. Emma

work/life - xxxv. Jolyon

work/life - xxxvi. Harry

work/life - xxxvii. Rhiannon

work/life - xxxviii. Frazer

work/life - xxxix. Katie

work/life - xl. Amy

work/life - xli. Anthony

work/life - xlii. Joanna

work/life - xliii. Niki

work/life - xliv. Anna

work/life - xlv. Sophie

work/life - xlvi. Victoria

work/life - xlvii. Lorna

work/life - xlviii. Monika

work/life - xlix. Beccy

work/life - l. Nina

work/life - li. Lisa G

work/life - lii. Lisa MB

work/life - liii. Emma C

work/life - liv. Katharina

work/life - lv. Winta

work/life - lvi. Alice

work/life - lvii. Katie

work/life - lviii. Isabel

work/life - lix. Tega

work/life - lx. Darren

work/life - lxi. Jasmine

work/life - lxii. Olivia

work/life - lxiii. Kevin

work/life - lxiv. Laura S


work/life - lxv. Roz


work/life - lxvi. Rubina


work/life - lxvii. Nadia

work/life - lxviii. Andrea P

work/life - lxix. Emmanuel

work/life - lxx. Katie G

work/life - lxxi. Catherine

work/life - lxxii. Aga

work/life - lxxiii. Bree

work/life - lxxiv. David

work/life - lxxv. Brian

work/life - lxxvi. Kate T

work/life - lxxvii. Tim S

work/life - lxxviii. Eleni

work/life - lxxix. Emma C

work/life - lxxx. Joel

work/life - Tom H 2

work/life - Anna

work/life - Stuart

work/life - Amy G

work/life - Paul

work/life - Sophie

work/life - Sharon

work/life - Chloe

work/life - Jen S

work/life - Evie

work/life - Sarah G

work/life - Carrie

work/life - Jen O

work/life - Joanne

work/life - Simon

work/life - Dawn W

work/life - Clare S

work/life - Hannah C

work/life - Ashley

work/life - Stine

work/life - Corrie

work/life - Erika

work/life - Lucy J

work/life - Kamilla

work/life - Hetal

work/life - Babette

work/life - Carina

work/life - Evan

work/life - Kerensa

work/life - Claire A

work/life - Claire G

work/life - Emilie J

work/life - Sarah R

work/life - Holly


6 thoughts on “work/life

  1. Sabiscuit

    I lost your blog feed for some reason. You just posted something, I was scrolling down and my phone dropped and I somehow can’t undo it. Can you leave a comment on my blog so I can find your posts again in my reader? Thank you.

      1. Sabiscuit

        I went back you don’t have a “follow this blog” option on your blog. Would you be good enough to add it? Thank you. It’s impossible to resubscribe directly from your blog. Or from my notifications. Not sure why.

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