This collection focuses on the art of the photographic image. Put simply, pictures/portraits that have no theme but that I want off of my laptop and out into the world. As with my EXP24 project, I start this one with a child. My niece Sophia brought into the world by my dear sister, Melanie.

1637singles - sophia

This photo is of a gentleman who, with his lovely partner, I am lucky enough to live next door to. As they are both in like 173 different bands together, I have been fortunate to listen to them through the walls of my abode as well as borrow their fridge! She is called Ruth, he is called Kit.

1637singles - kit

One thing that I haven’t done in years, with an SLR, is an unposed for portrait. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. This is Tency Beecher. My dearly departed mother’s sister. Her son, Michael, supports Arsenal Football Club. So does mine. They do win stuff now and again, I suppose.

1637singles - tency

For this photographing photographers project Art As An Act Of War, I volunteered to be captured by Barry Bliss. Whilst he was taking HIS photo, I took mine. His project comprises of images using the Leica camera below. It was the first time I have ever held one. It is a lovely piece of equipment.

1637singles - barry

This is extremely talented illustrator/cartoonist Erin. A pretty cool individual whose artwork is brilliant. Without her, I would never have read Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth. I owe her big for that!

1637singles - Erin

Just before she became my ex-neighbour, I was able to get a shot of Ruth. An animal lover and a lovely person whose presence next door (in addition to her other half) is missed. Her playing on bass instruments is also missed!

1637singles - Ruth

Designer, chorister, lovely person. This is Isabella. A person whose look and style meant that I had to see if she would be willing to have her photo taken. Luckily for me, she’s such a splendid individual she took pity on my request. Cheers Issy.

1637singles - issy

After dealing with life (and not posting anything for a while), here is a picture I took of someone a little while ago whose “feed” prompted a request from me to take her photo. This is Claire. Someone who is heard as well as seen.

1637singles - Claire
Singing at the Wren family was my first encounter with Charlotte. A lovely, funny individual who allowed me to take a wee portrait.

1637singles - Charlotte

Gavin is a talented writer, director and just a really nice chap! This is through meeting him on several occasions! But if the little guy loves him, you know he’s a good geezer (the little guy is named David!)

1637singles - Gavin


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